Why Are Linen Kurtas The Best Ethnic Attire

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Why Are Linen Kurtas The Best Ethnic Attire

Remember the times when we were in school, and there was that one kid, aloof, shy, who the other cool kids picked on the most. But guess what? He went from being a Lame Lan to a Dashing Dan in just a couple of years. Linen is like that nerdy kid of the class. An underdog yet an overachiever. The one who can do wonders when we least expect it. From pants to shirts and then to kurtas and even towels, Linen is revered, for its quality to be intricately woven into amazing apparel.

Known for being transformable, linen has managed to establish a niche for itself, the fabric itself defines character and confidence. The supple creamy texture of linen kurta directs you towards festive and positive beginnings. Made with the expertise of the designers to develop the chunks that supersede the rest. As far as traditional linen kurtas are concerned, the options are honestly endless, with no limit to their versatility. Some of the styles are bound to stay evergreen, to be worn whenever and wherever.

Admit it, kurta pajamas are the first thought that comes to our minds when one says ethnic wear. This outfit comes first while we debate comfort and constantly look for the best attire in ethnic wear. With a bonus of sheer comfort and embellishment, linen kurtas are a sure-shot win. As for the summer season during humid climates, the best bet is picking out linen fabrics. Being as cheered as they are, linen kurta for men is simple to the core and very popular as well. These kurtas are modest while being conventional in their vibe.

With an air of intricacy, that makes it the first choice of the experts. Right from the closet of celebrities to the wardrobe of plenty of professional pals, linen kurtas and shirts have made their mark in the hearts of men with a decent taste for everything fine. However, these simple kurtas are often known to go beyond the budget. Wondering what makes these simple ethnic kurtas cost a fortune? Listed below are the reasons why:

Being antiallergic
If you are a germaphobe, then we have good news for you. Because of its natural flax, there are technically no allergic reactions while wearing linen. This is why it is the best resort to shop away from allergies.

Highly absorbent
Linen can almost soak up to 20% of its weight in the form of moisture!

It is the second sharpest fabric after silk. Linen is approximately 30% tougher than cotton, which is why it stays durable for several long decades.

It soaks up heat from the skin, hence keeping the body cooler in the warmer months and giving warmth during the cold months of the year. This technically manages to draw the heat away from the body, hence keeping you cool in the summers and lending you warmth during winters.

With great heat conductivity, linens are the best choice for sheets, clothes, and also drapery during warm climates.

Enough said about the properties of Linen. Now if you wish to deep dive into the ways a linen kurta can be slain, then you'd be delighted to find that we have quite a few pointers for you.

With Dhoti
A man dressed in white linen kurta paired with dhoti is a man of fantasies - charming and ethnic yet supremely attractive. Remember to color code them, to ensure they are in sync. Contrasting combinations tend to go better than complimentary ones.

With Jeans
Anglo-Indian attire never goes out of style. To achieve a casual look, the denim-kurta combo is more than decent. Just pair up dark-washed denim with a stark white linen kurta, and you are good to go for that Sangeet night.

With Morris
Morris are old-fashioned, said no one ever! Whether you are heading out to a housewarming party, or a friend's engagement bash, kurtas paired with matching chinos are an authentic show-stealer. Remember to go for the tones of beige, brown, black, midnight blue, off-white, white, etc.

With Khakis
Since they are chosen for being blocky, khakis are known to be worn lower than where you'd normally be putting on jeans. With their adored streamlined look, they'd go well with linen kurta, as they'd look impeccable, in both professional and festive work front.

With Linen Club trousers
The point that you were looking for is finally here! See to it that you pair dark-colored linen trousers, with a lighter shade of linen kurta for a lasting impression among peers. Wishing for an alluring look? Pick anything from loafers to sneakers, you can pair almost any kind of footwear with this attire.

Being a nearly perfect fabric comes with its own set of challenges. What? Did you speculate linen has no shortcomings? Nope, that's not the case. Right from its birth from flax plants to how they are woven into finished goods, technically one of the greatest concerns is the chemicals that are used for retting. These chemicals need to be equalized even before being expelled into water supplies. The stalks, leaves, seedpods, etc. are not hazardous. Unless impregnated with the chemicals left during the retting process. Getting back to discussing linen kurtas, since it checks all the boxes of dressing smart, it lets you brag about being cool, that too while dressing smart. Are you down for more traditional Kurtas in your closet? Yes? Then head over to add some today! Visit the Linen Club website to browse through their special range of Linen Club linen kurtas curated just for you.

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