6 Everyday Make up Essentials

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6 Everyday Make up Essentials

What are the everyday makeup must-haves that a woman should never empty her handbag of? The following items can help you spruce up for different occasions, such as for minimalistic guise, office meetings, or party wear. You can scroll and take a gander at the list of makeup essentials for your face, eyes, and lips. The list is as under:

1. BB Cream
One should prefer BB Cream over foundations as it is not only light in weight and texture but also gives a much more natural look for daily wear. It doesn’t have adverse effects on the skin compared to what regular application of foundation can do. It comes in different skin tones and is manufactured by various brands.

2. Concealer
For concealing the darker tones on your skin, such as dark circles or acne marks, concealer is a must-have for any look. It offers a vast variety depending upon the objective of covering the spots, acne, dark circles, discoloration, etc. You can grab exciting offers on Memorial Day 2021 deals to save many bucks.

3. Kohl
Kohl or popularly known as kajal in South-Asian countries, is one of the essentials for an everyday look. You can use it on the waterline as well as on the eyelids. It can be worn as an eyeliner as well. Kohl also comes in different hues.

4. Mascara
Mascara is used to enhance the lashes. It enhances any look from natural to bold, heavy makeup look. It is available in umpteen variations to give volume, length, and curl the lashes. It gives extra definition to the eye-lashes.

5. Tint
To give a natural blush, tint is the best option found so far. It is widely used to tinge the cheeks. It comes in a liquid form that is dabbed onto the skin, giving you the natural blush and glow that you have always wanted, and can work as a lip stain as well.

6. Lipstick
No makeup is complete without lip color. Lipsticks offer a wide assortment in terms of color, texture, formulas. They are available in matte, gloss, or satin finish giving a strikingly different look on different skin tones. Personally, I feel liquid lip colors are easy to apply. Another tip is that dark lip shades should be worn with minimal makeup and nude sticks with bolder makeup.

Above are six makeup essentials women should carry that can go with any outfit, attire, and occasion. It is the ultimate guide to create the ultimate everyday go-to makeup look for a novice or an expert in the field. As the world offers diversity, everyone is unique and has a different taste. One can experiment and create different outlooks by having a playful hold on these products With or without, women are beautiful, and society should not set beauty standards for any individual. There can be different definitions and parameters of beauty, but who are we to decide. A woman should feel liberated enough to be comfortable in her own skin. But someone has rightly said, “Less is more.”

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