How to Light Each Space In Your Home

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How to Light Each Space In Your Home

While the design of the room is down to your private taste, there are some tips that we can offer you that will work well for each space in your house. To start with, you are required to decide on what mood you want to develop in each room and what type of lights will complement your individual style and the existing design in your house.

Entranceway Lighting
This is probably the most important location to guarantee a grand entryway and a good impression is produced. Start with a dramatic declaration light such as a chandelier overhead light, and then enhance this with a flooring lamp.

Kitchen area Lighting
Cooking areas are extremely busy spaces, where food preparation will take place. This suggests it must be illuminated well, specifically in areas where you will be performing food preparation. Have a look at our article on cooking area lighting ideas for more inspiration!

You ought to start with general ambient lighting, we would recommend a pendant light or track lighting if you have a feature in the room, such as a kitchen island

You will also need task-orientated lighting where cooking will happen, this can be offered by the addition of an under-cabinet lighting system. This will ensure that the kitchen is illuminated well enough in the locations that really need it, avoiding shadows being cast over knives and other potentially hazardous tools.

Dining-room Lighting
A common error with the dining room is hanging a chandelier over the table and thinking that is enough light for the whole space. It is necessary to remember to develop layers. A statement light over the dining-room table is a fantastic start, a chandelier or a pendant light will look stunning.

You are then required to balance this, an excellent method to achieve this is to have recessed or mounted lights, this will develop the layers and prevent the space from looking flat.

Living Room Lighting
The most multi-functional space in the house, the living room is a versatile location where you will watch TELEVISION, read books, chat with loved ones or do homework. This suggests the lighting in this room requires more variety, to show the varied jobs that are performed in the room.

For basic atmosphere, a pendant light or flush ceiling light overhead will create an excellent quantity of light for space. Then include flooring and table lamps or sconces positioned in job areas to provide more direct light, for example, if you have an armchair you like to check out in or a location on the couch where you tend to carry out jobs.

Restroom Lighting
Vanity lighting is best for the restroom, if you have a mirror in the bathroom then they are completely situated at the top of this. Not just will this add to the decoration of the space, but it also includes the perfect amount of lighting in front of the mirror to assist you when you're preparing yourself in the morning.

For the general ambient lighting in the space, wall scones and recessed lighting will work as a reward, and it's constantly a good concept to get dimmable lights in the bathroom so that you can dim them when you want to relax in the tub.

Bedroom Lighting
The perfect place to loosen up and revive yourself, it is essential to have soft ambient lighting in the bedroom. An ornamental semi-flush ceiling light that can be dimmed will provide the ideal ornamental feature while supplying you with soft ambient lighting. Enhance this with accent lighting on the walls to provide an extra luxurious feel. Lots of people also like to check out in bed, so either an adjustable table lamp to go on your bedside table or a wall-mounted reading lamp is important.

Office Lighting
You'll require this location to focus on work, so this space requires function-orientated lighting. For the basic ambiance, recessed lighting or a flush overhead light will supply the primary illumination for the space. Then you'll require a desk lamp that can be adjusted in your main work area, and possibly a floor light in dark corners or positioned over the top of seating areas within the room.

Are you ready to take your lighting to the next level
Lighting can have a massive influence on your house décor, and when done correctly it will offer the best atmosphere for each space in your house. So, if you're ready to take your lighting to the next level then you're in the ideal location!

We have a beautiful series of designer lighting to match each private room in your home, they all include a maker's assurance for peace of mind plus fast and complimentary delivery throughout mainland UK! We hope that our Ultimate Lighting Buying Guide has provided you with all the details that you require. Nevertheless, you must be required to understand anything other than talk among our friendly members of the team. You can catch us on email at

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